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8 Tips To Creating Your In Home Gym: By Guest Blogger, Cait Elizabeth

Hey guys!  Excited to share with you a fun post by a guest blogger.  Cait Elizabeth, of Cait's Cozy Corner, is a mom, fashion, and fitness enthusiast from Atlanta, GA.  Hope you enjoy her fun tips to get healthy at home!

8 Tips To Creating Your In Home Gym

Have you ever walked into someone’s home and thought “Wow, this gym is something I could definitely use in my own home!” Of course, you actually can make your home gym more functional and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. Do we all really think that we can squeeze that treadmill in the corner of the room next to the huge pile of laundry? Sure, you may need a certain amount of space to dedicate to working out but creating your state-of-the-art gym can be super expensive! Anyone with a basement or a spare room with extra weights and a yoga mat can make their room look awesome! Today I’ll be sharing 8 ways to add function to your home gym!

  1. Media - I’m one to always need something to watch or listen to when I’m working out. The days I forgot my headphones is a sad one but thank goodness for having the option to watch a show I’ve been meaning to keep up on, or the news. With your own home gym, you’re able to watch what YOU want - or even jam out to your favorite tunes ( yes I’ll blast Backstreet Boys )! Make sure to mount your TV in a place that accessible from every corner of the room ( like a small corner ) so you don’t have to strain your neck one way to watch.

  2. Paint Colors - When I first walk into a room, one of the things I notice right away are the paint colors. Do you want the room to feel inviting and fresh or bold and out there? For me, my in home gym needs to be a mixture so I enjoy colors that are pleasing and not over the top like a bright yellow. Think of light greys, whites or blues and then add some accent colors to speak to your personality!

  3. Rubber Flooring- I need this type of flooring for my gym. I hate slipping and sliding over the floor at times ( if I tend to do more yoga ) and rubber flooring is just a game changer as far as helping my shoes and body stay in place. I also love that it has a lot of give to it so I’m not scuffing my floors when doing a few circuit trainings.

  4. Fan- Despite that your home may have central air, getting super sweaty will always happen so putting a fan or two in small corners like where your treadmill or weight area is key. Keeping cool is essential when getting your work out in.

  5. Add Luxury- Of course I want my in home gym to be functional but also girly too. I love adding some fresh flowers and great pieces to make it a bit more luxurious too. For any of my design needs I always look to Premier Surfaces Chattanooga based in TN. The company specializes in gorgeous countertops made of granite, marble, soapstone and more! They are the only company to win Atlanta’s Consumer’s Choice Award every year since 2008; a prestigious award that is voted by thousands of local residents so you know you’re in good hands when thinking of wanting to customize some counter spaces for that extra storage you need in your gym! Make it pleasing for you and your guests!
  6. Personalize It - Of course, you want your gym to reflect you and your style when it comes to the decor. Inspirational framed messages are always an inexpensive option and you’re probably going to want some sort of music to cover up the sound of your heavy breathing!

  7. Cooler - No one wants to be extremely parched and run upstairs to grab water. Why not have a cute water cooler in your gym and fill it with cold refreshing water bottles to enjoy and for your guests to use if they want to come over!

  8. Keep It Clean -  Remember, this is YOUR space. If it gets a little cluttered from time to time, invest in some cute baskets or boxes that you can easily throw your gym equipment into. The key here is that you want to enjoy your time in your workout area. Don’t add another hurdle to your workouts by forcing yourself to clean up pre-workout.

What would you include in your very own home gym?