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I've offered a lot of different skin treatments over the years; microdermabrasion, peels, ultrasound  facials, LED light therapy, and dermaplaning.  Of all of these things dermaplaning has had a very unique response.  People are terrified of it once they read about the process, but once they do it they are addicted!  I have more people that get that done every month than any other skin treatment I offer.  So I thought it would be the perfect thing to write about and share pictures of the process to show that it's totally not a scary thing.  

Dermaplaning is the removal of dead skin and baby hairs on the face by using a single use, stainless steal blade.  "What!?  You mean you're going to scrape a layer of my face off with a scalpel!?" is the general response.  But no, it's not nearly as intense as most people imagine.  It's not unpleasant, and not "a layer of your face", but over time and repeated treatments it will help diminish scaring, large pores, fine lines, hyper pigmentation, and give you overall smoother softer skin.  

I offer dermaplaning as an add on to any of my facials or as a stand alone "dermaplaning facial" which is kind of like dermaplaning with a mini facial.  The reason I don't offer it alone is that I want everyone to leave with the best possible results and that means taking time to at least do a quick mask after the treatment and finish with some good products so that no one leaves irritated or dry.  Also, whatever results you might get from the masks and treatments in a regular facial are greatly multiplied after dermaplaning because the products can sink in much deeper and do their job without being stopped by all that dead skin on the surface.

Want an even better treatment?  Once you're used to dermaplaning I recommend adding an enzyme peel after.  This is going to give an even better exfoliation and this is where you will start to see the real results.  For some people with very dry skin and a lot of buildup, dermaplaning can be like beginning to unravel a sweater; you could just keep going all day with no good stopping point.  An enzyme peel will help dissolve and perfectly smooth any remaining dry skin flakes that weren't quite ready to come off, leaving you with perfectly smooth skin.  I try to do this myself once a month!

After dermaplaning, optional enzyme peel and/or other specialized treatments, and masking, we will finish up with products like serums, eye treatments, and moisturizer customized to your skin's needs. It's actually a very relaxing treatment, and not the scary experience that a lot of people imagine.  Immediately after this treatment your skin will feel softer than you thought possible!  And after continued treatments we can really start to tackle some deeper issues, or simply maintain that youthful glow.  As far as aftercare, just make sure to stay out of the sun for a few days and protect your skin with an spf.  Most people don't have any redness or irritation at all.  So if you're ready to give it a try, you know where to find me!



Here we go...

First of all, thank so you much for joining me in this new exciting project!  I'm taking this year to work on really digging into myself and what I want to do.  I just love being an esthetician and all that has come with that.  Lashes, skincare, relaxation, makeup, health and wellness.  My real passion really comes down to being a teacher.  Nothing makes me happier than sharing the knowledge I've learned to help women tackle skin and health issues, or simply making them feel beautiful with a new set of lashes or some new makeup.  I'm constantly learning wether it's in school, a weekend class, or from those around me.  So what better way to get all of this information to you than a blog?  Today the launch of this new project coincides with the launch of my new business with Limelight makeup.  I'm so excited to get started doing makeup lessons with so many of you around town and show you what I've been working on.  This will be a place for me to share all that I know from beauty, to healthy recipes, to my favorite local spots to eat and shop.  I'm so excited about this year and this new project.  Love you all for your incredible support so far!