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The 8 Thing's I'd Never Do

So let's get real. We've probably all made that mental list of things that are deal breakers in life, things you'd never resort to, maybe even with a slight hint of superiority. We make that list just to tear it up as we move past our expectations and into reality.  In my case I want to share just a few of my "never's" I've had to scratch off the list as it applies to pregnancy and motherhood(so far). 

1. I'd never eat junk food or lots of carbs and sugar while pregnant.  In fact maybe I'll go full paleo and cut out sugar completely.

Reality: Can I have pancakes and waffles three meals a day? Ice cream for desert after my pancakes? Yes please!  And, hey Ryan I know I just ate this entire footlong but are you gonna finish that and can we bake cookies when we get home?

2. Even if my midwife says it's technically safe for pregnancy, I'd never take anything other than natural herbs and supplements for my own comfort.

Reality:  It's 3am, I have to get up for work in a few hours but I can't even lay down without stomach acid burning its way up my esophagus and into my mouth. Oh hey Pepcid!

3. There's no way I'd give birth on my back in a hospital bed.

Reality: Even though I labored mostly in the tub, shit happens. I had to be transferred to the hospital at the last minute and I gave birth right where they put me(like two EMT's and a nurse physically lifting me off a stretcher and onto a bed between pushes)and definitely did not care to get up and change positions while pushing a baby out of me.  And guess what? It worked just fine with only a few pushes!

4. I'd never use disposable diapers. It's cloth diapering for us.

Reality: HAHAHAHA!!!! Ain't nobody got time for that. 

5. I'd never use a pacie.

Reality: Oh, you want my boob in your mouth 24/7? Let's not.

6. I'd never give my newborn any medications. Breastmilk is all he needs for perfect health and I'll just adjust my own diet if needed.

Reality: OMG he won't stop crying and is throwing up everything he eats!!!!  There will be a prescription for Zantac at walgreens in 30 mins? Done!(still trying to figure out a better solution though)

7. I'd never buy a ton of stupid plastic toys and baby gear. Let's stick to wooden things and organic cotton.

Reality: Oh, that costs six hundred times more? K, nevermind.

8. I'd never use electronic things and "screens" to pacify my baby.

Reality: It's 2am and he's been screaming since 7pm. "Oh, look at the pretty lights and colors!"

Of course these are all still ideals and goals I want to work towards. The point is, let's not pass judgement on anyone for doing what they've got to do to get through each day. And let's never say never. I'm sure this will be a running list. What are some things you thought you'd never do?

3 Healthy Summer Mocktails for Mamas-To-Be

Everyone loves to sip on a special beverage once in a while, especially in the heat of summer.  If you're like me and avoiding alcohol due to pregnancy, or just for your own health, it gets a little boring drinking water when everyone else has a fancy cocktail.  That's why I came up with a few drinks that are easy to make, low in sugar, and so tasty you won't feel left out of the party for one second!

Watermelon Jalapeno Margarita


2 cups cubed watermelon, frozen

1 fresh jalapeno, seeded

Juice from 1 lime


Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.  

Add lime juice and/or water for desired flavor/consistency.  

Serve immediately 


Peach Basil Iced Tea


4 tea decaf teabags

Pure liquid stevia

3 Peaches

1 bundle of basil


Brew tea according to package.

Slightly sweeten tea to your preference with a few drops of stevia

Cut peaches into slices and add to the pitcher

Roughly chop basil and add to the mixture

Refrigerate for a least a few hours(or overnight) so that the tea soaks up all the flavor of the peaches and basil. 

Cranberry Limeade 


2 parts sparkling water

1 part pure, unsweetened cranberry juice

1/2 part limeade(I like simple truth brand)

Lime wedges


Pour sparkling water, cranberry juice, and limeade over ice.

Top with extra lime juice and a lime wedge.